Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Floyd Cramer, Jason Coleman presents Legacy, a collection of country standards for which his Grandad was best known. Some of the songs are Floyd’s self-penned hits, while the rest are songs by other artists that showcased Floyd’s piano on the original recordings.

The instantly recognizable opening chords of Last Date are the very first notes you’ll hear on Legacy. Other songs on the album include On The Rebound, Crazy, The End Of The World, San Antonio Rose, and Please Help Me, I’m Falling, plus seven other favorites from the Nashville Sound era.

Listening to Legacy will be a truly nostalgic experience for Floyd Cramer fans, or fans of classic country music, because Jason plays these timeless melodies in a style that is instantly familiar and as distinctly recognizable as his grandfather’s. The signature sound of Floyd Cramer truly lives on through this fitting tribute album.

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