LIVE! at Langdale: The Legacy of Floyd Cramer


A Live Concert Recording on a Special Two-Disc Set!

For the last several years, Jason has performed for audiences far and wide in concerts that honor his grandfather’s legacy at the piano. Now, you can enjoy the concert experience anytime by listening to LIVE! at Langdale: The Legacy of Floyd Cramer.

Recorded live at the Historic Langdale Theater in Valley, Alabama in the fall of 2009, this two-disc set captures the excitement of the night as Jason, the band, and a string orchestra entertained the sold-out crowd.

Over the course of the two discs, you’re taken on a musical journey that spans nearly two hours and features 42 classic songs. Among them are Floyd’s signature tunes, like Last Date and On The Rebound; Nashville Sound hits that Floyd’s piano licks helped make famous; pop and country classics played in Floyd’s unique slip-note style; and sentimental favorites, songs that had special significance to Floyd and to Jason. In addition, many songs showcase the guitar talents of Meagan Taylor, great-niece of Chet Atkins. Throughout the concert, Jason adds meaningful insight and stories about his Grandad, as well.

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