Simply Piano, Vol 1

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  1. It Was Almost Like A Song
  2. Arkansas Traveler
  3. At Last
  4. Danny Boy
  5. Lovesick Blues
  6. The Twelfth Of Never
  7. Could I Have This Dance
  8. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  9. You Raise Me Up
  10. Hymne
  11. God Bless The USA
  12. When You Wish Upon A Star
  13. Bonus Duet with 3-Yr-Old Son Avery: Can’t Help Falling In Love

Life, and music, is often at its best when we keep things simple.

Earlier this year, shortly after the coronavirus brought daily life – and my performing career – to a standstill, I began live streaming weekly “living room concerts” online as a simple way to stay creative, to stay connected with the outside world, and to use my music to be an encouragement to others. As the weeks stretched on, our little concerts-at-home grew into what’s become The Jason Coleman Show and now has tens of thousands of weekly watchers and over one million views!

Every week on the show, I’ve chosen a different style or artist or genre of music to perform, and along the way, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with a lot of amazing and timeless songs. So, on this new album, Simply Piano, I’ve revisited the first few months of The Jason Coleman Show and selected audience favorites, and my favorites, to record as Volume 1 of a brand new solo piano collection.

My weekly online shows are not extravagant – it’s just my family and me, our piano, and you, the audience at home – but our time together is filled with great songs and lots of heart. It is simply piano. The same could be said of the way my Grandad Floyd Cramer played the piano. He wasn’t flashy or flowery but rather was simply tasteful, simply melodic, simply beautiful in how his fingers graced the keys. It’s what made his music so timeless, and it’s why I love playing in his style. It is simply piano.

Music has the power to soothe the soul, and my hope is simply that this album will do just that for each of you who listen.


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